Application Development and Management

Areeva’s custom developed, cloud-hosted Java based web applications are currently in production and utilized by our federal clients, with thousands of end users. Areeva Solutions was formed with a goal of developing “User-Centric” applications and processes that make an end user’s interaction with technology a seamless experience. We specially pride ourselves in developing customer focused, usable, and intuitive web-applications to deliver information to the user in as few clicks as possible. Our solutions are recognized as innovative and we always look for inventive, out of the box ways to solve business challenges.  

Our team is experienced in designing, building, and implementing system-based support solutions, enabling our clients to move forward with confidence. Our portfolio of Application Development and Management services is built upon multiple open-source and commercial frameworks deployed to meet the diverse needs of our customer base.

Services we offer across the development lifecycle includes:
Requirements Gathering
    There is no one perfect means for identifying and gathering requirements. It all begins through a process of functional and technical specifications. Requirements are crucial for defining, scoping, estimating, resourcing and managing the project. Areeva has experienced leading requirements gathering meeting with key project stakeholders to capture requirements in a way that is useful to both the subject matter experts and the IT development team.

Systems Architecture
    Architecture needs to address the relative balance between rapidly changing technology; dynamic business scenario, and integration with diverse systems without increasing the cost of software development and the complexity of software systems. At Areeva, a team of experienced professional makes early decision in system development in a manner similar to the early decision-making found in the development of civil architecture projects.

QA & Testing
    Quality is at the heart of what we do. Our Quality Assurance and Testing team is committed to helping clients release software that is fit for purpose, avoiding expensive reworks or any potential financial repercussions that may arise from issuing defective software.

Software Maintenance & Support
    Software maintenance is one of the important phase of product lifecycle. It represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software that provides the competitive edge required to stay ahead and succeed in industry. Areeva helps you in accomplishing this task with its proven approaches to application/product maintenance or end-client specific releases. The range of these maintenance activities is from small fixes for existing defects to implementation of new business rules in an established product.